Mandorlini: "This Inter Milan without rivals in Serie A"

17 days ago
Inter Milan

Former Nerazzurri defender Andrea Mandorlini feels that the current Inter Milan team are “without rivals” in Serie A right now.

Speaking to Italian broadcaster RAI Radio, via FCInterNews, Mandorlini also compared this Nerazzurri team to the legendary side that won the Serie A title in the 1988-89 season.

This season, Inter are absolutely flying at the top of the Serie A table.

With nine matches to go, the Nerazzurri theoretically still have the possibility of breaking the all-time points record in Serie A.

It will be tough. Inter would have to win every single one of their remaining matches to do so.

The Nerazzurri are currently on 76 points. 27 points from 27 would take them to a final total of 103 points.

The record points total in Serie A belongs to Juventus in the 2013-14 season.

That season, the Bianconeri picked up a total of 102 points.

Even if Inter don’t break the record, however, they should still likely finish in or around triple digits.

And this Nerazzurri team have shown that they’re capable of it. Nine matches in a row is a winning streak that they have already managed in 2024, prior to their draw with Napoli.

Mandorlini was a key player for the Inter team that won the title with a then-record-breaking points total in the 1988-89 season.

He said that “The current Inter under Inzaghi resembles the one I played for.”

“There’s one respect in particular,” the former defender went on. “Under Trappatoni, we were so strong that we felt unbeatable.”

“And this current Inter have practically the same feeling. They have a similar awareness of their quality.”

Mandorlini continued that “It’s sad that they went out of the Champions League.”

“A lot of key moments went against them against Atletico Madrid,” he continued.

“But in Serie A, there’s no comparison. Inter have no rivals.”

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