Nickel, guns and foreign powers: How France's New Caledonia ...

24 days ago

More cash, less screen time: 5 policy takeaways from Macron’s Sorbonne speech

Here’s what you need to know about the French president’s wide-ranging address on Thursday.

New Caledonia - Figure 1

Apr 25 5 mins read

A new inconvenient truth: Europe’s global plans all require money no one has

A competitive, green Europe will require trillions in investments. No one has a good answer on where that money will come from.

New Caledonia - Figure 2

Apr 17 7 mins read

Macron, Le Maire feud flares up amid France’s fiscal woes

The French president is agitated by his finance minister’s calls for drastic spending cuts ahead of the European election, where his centrists are likely to face a drubbing.

New Caledonia - Figure 3

Apr 11 6 mins read

Too French to fail: Why Paris is rescuing Atos

French government steps in to save troubled IT company at the heart of this year’s Summer Olympics.

Apr 9 4 mins read

New Caledonia - Figure 4
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