France accuses Azerbaijan of fomenting deadly riots in overseas ...

29 days ago

Georgians fighting for Europe fear Brussels missing in action

While Washington warns of sanctions amid a heavy-handed crackdown on protesters, the EU is struggling to even get its own story straight.

New Caledonia - Figure 1

11 HRS ago 7 mins read

EU condemns Georgia over brutal ‘Russian law’ crackdown

Brussels warns the country that its Kremlin-style civil society restrictions could imperil its EU bid.

New Caledonia - Figure 2

May 15 3 mins read

‘We can be on the path to the EU or to Belarus’: Political thug culture grips Georgia

Intimidation is becoming a feature of daily life, even before a controversial new Kremlin-style law takes effect.

New Caledonia - Figure 3

May 15 6 mins read

Georgia defies EU and backs law targeting ‘foreign agents’

Brussels warns new curbs on civil society flout “European values” as protests grow in Tbilisi.

New Caledonia - Figure 4

May 14 4 mins read

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