Barcelona's Potential Cost to Part Ways with Xavi

28 days ago
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FC Barcelona is experiencing significant turmoil in recent hours. Despite recent confirmations that Xavi Hernández would remain in charge, the situation now appears to have taken a dramatic turn, with the Catalan coach potentially set to leave the team.

This upheaval stems from Xavi's recent press conference comments, where he indicated that the club's financial constraints would severely limit their competitiveness. These remarks did not sit well with the club's president, Joan Laporta.

However, dismissing Xavi would not be straightforward. The coach has a contract with Barcelona until June 2025. If he were to be fired, Barcelona would need to pay him $15 million in severance, plus an additional $5 million for his staff.

For a financially constrained club like Barcelona, spending such an amount is hardly feasible. Therefore, the most practical solution, if the club decides to part ways with Xavi, would be to reach a mutual agreement.

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