For Father's Day, NPR wants to know about the dads who shaped you

10 Jun 2024

Indian father Shailesh throws up his son, Harish, at a park in Amritsar on June 19, 2016, on Father's Day, a day observed in many countries to celebrate fathers and fatherhood. Narinder Nanu/AFP via Getty Images hide caption

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Narinder Nanu/AFP via Getty Images

Father's Day celebrations can look different for everyone.

Some may be celebrating the partner they share children with, honoring their own father or grandfather, grieving someone they lost or searching for someone they've never met.

Ahead of Father's Day, NPR wants to know: Is there a father figure who has had a major influence on your life? Share your story with us, and you might end up featured in the Up First newsletter on June 16.

You could see some of your responses and others — and get the news you need to start your day — by subscribing to our newsletter.

Please include your first and last name, age and where you're from. You can share a photo of yourself and your father figure if you would like, or record a voice memo about your father figure. Audio may air on NPR.

We will accept responses until 8 a.m. ET on Thursday, June 13.

Your submission will be governed by our general Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. As the Privacy Policy says, we want you to be aware that there may be circumstances in which the exemptions provided under law for journalistic activities or freedom of expression may override privacy rights you might otherwise have.

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