USD/ZAR Analysis Today - 24/06: Testing Lows for Equilibrium

19 days ago

The USD/ZAR has begun today’s trading within the lower realms of its near-term price range as financial institutions contemplate what’s next for the currency pair after its strong bearish ride.

USD/ZAR Analysis Today - 24/06: Testing Lows for Equilibrium (Chart)

The near-term depths which the USD/ZAR pair is now trading in an almost tranquil manner, may take some speculators a while to get used to after consistent volatility in the currency pair over the long-term.Perspectives are adjusting to a more optimistic outlook for South Africa because of its ability to form a coalition government which has provided better behavioral sentiment in financial institutions.As of this writing the USD/ZAR is trading near the 18.08700 ratio.

However, before speculators start to wager consistently on downwards price action in the USD/ZAR they need to consider the possibility the currency pair has attained its selloff, and now may start to find price equilibrium. A test of the current near-term range may prove tricky in the weeks ahead as financial institutions start to look for proof that South Africa is going to improve fiscally. The USD/ZAR will also certainly return to a USD centric correlation.

USD/ZAR Downward Slope is an Achievement

Having broken below the 18.20000 mark and being able to sustain lower values is a significant achievement for the USD/ZAR. The currency pair touched a low around the 17.86440 ratio on Friday, before producing upwards moment as the weekend approached. The 18.00000 level is now becoming a psychological mark financial institutions have to consider along with speculators.

Day traders are reminded not to get overly ambitious regarding their targets for the USD/ZAR, because speculators without deep pockets may not have enough money to pursue trades overnight. Conservative leverage must be used. Having created solid downwards momentum into last Friday, the USD/ZAR has begun this week with a test of slight upwards short-term sentiment and traders may consider selling the currency pair if technical resistance levels are challenged.

Potential of Further Bearish Price Action in the USD/ZAR

If the USD/ZAR continues to stay below the 18.10000 ratio in the near-term it may be a signal additional selling power could be seen in the currency pair. While the USD/ZAR certainly bounced off of its lows seen on Friday, the momentum upwards didn’t penetrate the 18.00000 level until this morning in a solid manner.

Now short-term technical trading should be watched and if resistance proves durable, traders may look for quick hitting selling positions which seek to take advantage of the shift in behavioral sentiment regarding the USD/ZAR outlook.Speculators need to understand the USD/ZAR can and will move quickly still, and use solid risk management.USD/ZAR Short Term Outlook:

Current Resistance: 18.09300

Current Support: 18.04990

High Target: 18.15610

Low Target: 17.95070

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