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Tom Moyane

Dali Mpofu, Pravin Gordhan, state capture live
  • State Capture Inquiry: Tom Moyane accuses Pravin Gordhan of jealousy
  • Round Number One: Pravin Gordhan and Dali Mpofu trade verbal blows at commission
  • ‘Gordhan has no evidence that Moyane was captured’, says lawyer
  • ‘You must grow up. Do not be cheeky’: Mpofu turns the tables on Gordhan
  • Gordhan admits he has no proof Tom Moyane conspired with Hawks and NPA
  • Mpofu asks Zondo to control Gordhan as cross-examination gets heated
  • Former Sars boss Tom Moyane advanced state capture project, Gordhan tells Zondo commission
  • Tom Moyane was advancing state capture, says Pravin Gordhan
  • GALLERY: Tom Moyane and Pravin Gordhan face off at Zondo inquiry
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