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Catch live scores, commentary and updates from India Women vs South Africa Women 3rd ODI match played at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru on Sunday.

Updated : Jun 23, 2024 16:57 IST

South Africa Women vs India Women - Figure 1
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Welcome to Sportstar’s live coverage of the India Women vs South Africa Women 3rd ODI played at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru.

SA 215/8 after 50 overs

Pooja Vastrakar will be bowling the final over. De Ridder tries to scoop the ball and use the pace for a boundary, but they get only a couple of runs. The next ball, de Ridder gets a FOUR as she pulls a short pitched ball that runs towards fine leg. That seemed close, as Pooja bowls a wide. Another FOUR for de Ridder. Smart batting as she scoops a slower one past a diving Richa towards fine third man. De Ridder looks for her third boundary but Jemimah says NO, as she dives and saves two runs at square leg. Just the one run from the last ball.

SA 201/8 after 49 overs

The ball has been handed to Radha for South Africa’s penultimate over. A review has been taken by India, as the ball seemed to have gone off de Ridder’s pads. However, the review shows that it was the batter’s gloves that grazed the ball. 200 comes up for South Africa.

SA 196/8 after 48 overs

It’s Shreyanka with her final over of the day. A great bit of turn as de Ridder tries to hit but misses. However, the ball goes past Richa and runs to the boundary for a FOUR. There was another instance for a caught and bowled wicket but the ball falls just short of Shreyanka.

SA 187/8 after 47 overs

Radha is brought back in. She’s bowling her penultimate over. A flighted ball is defended by Sekhukhune. Just the two runs as the lights flicker on at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru.

SA 185/8 after 46 overs

Shreyanka is back for her penultimate over. De Ridder deftly pushes the ball towards third man but Radha Yadav saves two runs with good fielding. 

SA 181/8 after 45 overs

Deepti is bowling her last over of the innings. De Ridder scoops it over Richa’s head for a single, despite a call for a second between the batters. Sekhukhune goes for the big shot but misses. She defends the next ball. Just a couple of singles from the over.

SA 179/8 after 44 overs

Pooja is back for her eighth over. Great start for the pacer with a couple of dot balls. Just the one run from it courtesy a wide.

SA 178/8 in 43 overs

OUT! Deepti strikes and De Klerk is clean bowled. Just tries to pull a shortish delivery and misses only to see her leg-stump knocked out. OUT! Mlaba is castled next ball and Deepti is on a hat-trick. 

Sekhukhune is in next and survives the hat-trick ball. The fielders close in on the off-side. 

Nadine de Klerk b Deepti Sharma 26 (46b 2x4)

SA 176/6 in 42 overs

Vastrakar is back in the attack. OUT! Another run out, but there is some confusion surrounding the batter that has to go back. It is Shangase who will have to walk back to the dugout. Meike de Ridder is greeted by a bouncer and gets a couple of runs with a top edge that goes over the keeper. 

Nondumiso Shangase run out 16 (29b 2x4)

SA 173/5 in 41 overs

Radha continues. De Klerk misses another sweep off the last ball of the over. Radha continues to trouble the right-hander outside the off-stump area. Just two singles. 

SA 171/5 in 40 overs

Arundhati bowls out. FOUR! Short and pulled away to the square-leg boundary by Shangase. Whipped away to fine-leg by Shangase for one more as Arundhati bowls this one too straight. Driven on the up to deep cover by De Klerk for one more to end the over. Arundhati ends her bowling quota with excellent figures of 2/36 from her 10 overs. 

SA 165/5 in 39 overs

Radha is back with the ball. She tosses one up outside off to beat De Klerk’s sweep shot. De Klerk goes for the sweep again and collects a single at deep midwicket. Just the two singles from the over as Radha deceives the batters in flight. 

South Africa Women vs India Women - Figure 2
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SA 163/5 in 38 overs

Arundhati is reintroduced. FOUR! Finally a boundary to end the over. This was pitched up in the slot by Arundhati and Shangase lifted it over mid-on to find the boundary. 

SA 157/5 in 37 overs

Shreyanka returns. She goes around the wicket Shangase. Loud appeal for LBW as Shreyanka turns the ball into the right-hander and beats her. The finger goes up but South Africa reviews. Shangase survives as ball tracking shows this was going over the stumps. Another loud appeal for LBW and this time De Klerk is given out. South Africa reviews again. There is a thick inside edge and both batters get a lifeline in the same over. 

SA 155/5 in 36 overs

Vastrakar with the ball again. She varies her lengths to good effect. The short stuff, yorker and the low full toss, all thrown in. Just three runs from it. 

SA 152/5 in 35 overs

Deepti bowls her eighth over. 150 up for South Africa with a single off the second ball of the over. Three singles and the South African batters are in no mood to attack or take any risks at this point. 

SA 149/5 in 34 overs

Vastrakar will continue. A couple of wides from her for height. But just three runs from it. 

SA 146/5 in 33 overs

Deepti is back. A couple of runs for De Klerk through the off-side. Just three runs from the over as Deepti continues to be economical. Just 20 runs from her seven overs. 

SA 143/5 after 32 overs

Pooja Vastrakar is back for her second spell, bowling her fourth over. WICKET! Pooja bowls Sune Luus as she gets the batter’s mid stump.

SA 141/4 after 31 overs

De Klerk hits a FOUR through the off side as the new batters on the crease try to build up a steady partnership. Time for a drinks break.

SA 137/4 after 30 overs

Radha continues with the bowling. FOUR! Nadine de Klerk sweeps it towards mid wicket as the ball runs to the boundary. 

SA 131/4 after 29 overs

Shreyanka continues her spell with her sixth over. Nadine de Klerk is off the mark with a single. A wide and a few singles from the over.

SA 125/4 after 28 overs

Radha Yadav beck for her second spell. A much needed boundary as Luus hits it over mid on. 

SA 120/4 after 27 overs

Shreyanka is back for her second spell, replacing Deepti. WICKET! Catching batters off their own bowling seems to the norm of the day as Shreyanka takes Kapp’s wicket. Nadine de Klerk is the newest batter on the crease. Great over by the spinner as she concedes just the one run.

SA 119/3 after 26 overs

Harmanpreet is sitting out the last few overs as her left arm finger is massaged by a physio perhaps. Just the four runs from the over.

SA 115/3 after 25 overs

Deepti back for her sixth over. Just the single run from the over.

SA 114/3 after 24 overs

Arundhati continues with her seventh over. Great running between the wickets as the batters steal a single quickly as Shafali slightly misfields the ball. WICKET! Arundhati takes another wicket in the same way, this time catching Bosch’s shot off her own ball. Sune Luus comes in as the new batter on the crease. A dot on the last ball.

SA 110/2 after 23 overs

Deepti continues her spell with her fifth over. Indian bowlers are doing well to slow down South Africa’s scoring rate. Bosch ends the over with a boundary towards square leg.

SA 105/2 after 22 overs

Arundhati back for her sixth over. Great attempt at mid off by skipper Harmanpreet but she fails to collect the ball as the batters take a single. Just the one run from the over.

SA 104/2 after 21 overs

Deepti Sharma is back for her fourth over. Kapp is off the mark with a single. WICKET! There’s some miscommunication between the batters as Brits commits too early for the single, but Kapp is unmoved. Shreyanka’s throw found Richa as she calmly stumped the wickets. Anneke Bosch comes in for Brits.

South Africa Women vs India Women - Figure 3
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SA 102/1 in 20 overs

Arundhati continues. Driven to deep cover by Wolvaardt, and the ball ricochets off the stumps at the bowler’s end off a throw and the single turns to a couple. Hundred up for South Africa in 19.1 overs. The Bengaluru wicket continues to be a batter’s paradise. OUT! Drilled back to the bowler by Wolvaardt and Arundhati holds on to a brilliant catch off her own bowling. Marizanne Kapp comes in and defends the first ball back to the bowler. 

SA 98/0 in 19 overs

Radha continues. Tossed up on off-stump and driven to long-off by Brits for a single. FOUR! Tossed up on leg-stump now and Wolvaardt sweeps this to the fine-leg boundary. Punched down the ground by Wolvaardt for one more. Driven to deep cover by Brits for another single to end the over. 

SA 90/0 in 18 overs

Arundhati is back. A quick single to end the over. Direct-hit at the bowler’s end could have been curtains for Brits. Four runs from the over. 

SA 86/0 in 17 overs

Radha returns for her third over. SIX! Brits steps out and takes it on the full to smash it over deep midwicket for half a dozen. Eight runs from the over. Wolvaardt brings up her fifty off 45 balls. 

SA 78/0 in 16 overs

Shreyanka comes back for her fourth over. She keeps it on a length around off-stump and just a single off the first three balls. This one is tossed up outside off but Brits drives straight to the extra-cover fielder. Drifting on the pads and tucked away for a couple by Brits. Punched to long-on for one more by Brits to end the over. Time for drinks. 

SA 74/0 in 15 overs

Smriti Mandhana comes into the attack and a huge roar follows from the Bengaluru crowd. Cut away for a couple by Wolvaardt off the first ball. Strayed down leg-side and nudged away for a single. On the pads again, and a leg-bye as Brits misses the whip on leg-side. FOUR! Too much width outside off and Wolvaardt gets a bottom edge and the ball runs away to the boundary at third-man. A couple more off the next delivery and this is turning out to be an expensive over. Driven by Wolvaardt for a single off the last ball and 11 runs from it. 

SA 63/0 in 14 overs

FOUR! Short from Radha and Wolvaardt won’t miss out on that one. She pulls it to the midwicket boundary to inject some momentum into the innings. Just three singles after that first-ball boundary. 

SA 56/0 in 13 overs

Deepti will continue. She continues to be economical, just three runs from the over. After that 17-run over from Vastrakar, the runs have dried up for South Africa. Wolvaardt looks to find some momentum off the last ball of the over with a slog sweep but finds just the single at deep midwicket. 

SA 53/0 in 12 overs

The physios come on to the field to tend to Brits’ finger on her right hand. This is due to Deepti’s throw towards the keeper on the last ball in the last over, that hit the South African batter’s hand. Radha Yadav has been given the ball for her first over. A decent over as just the three runs from it.

SA 50/0 in 11 overs

Deepti continues. She keeps it on a good length, allowing just four runs from the over. Fifty up for South Africa in 11 overs. 

SA 46/0 in 10 overs

Pooja returns for her third over. Great shot by Wolvaardt down the ground, a straight hit for a FOUR. The Proteas skipper finds the gap towards mid wicket and slashes it for another FOUR. This is a South African onslaught on Pooja’s bowling! Another FOUR by Wolvaardt, this time towards the covers as the ball whizzes past diving fielders. The three back-to-back boundaries seem to have affected Pooja’s confidence as she bowls a wide in the fourth ball. Wolvaardt hits the fourth FOUR, this time towards sqaure leg. An expensive over for India, and a good end to the first powerplay for South Africa.

South Africa Women vs India Women - Figure 4
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SA 29/0 after 9 overs

Deepti Sharma is the newest bowler to join India’s bowling attack. Chants of ‘RCB, RCB’ boom around the M Chinnaswamy Stadium, as has been the norm in the past two ODIs. Good start for Deepti as she concedes only the two runs.

SA 27/0 after 8 overs

Pooja shows her aggressive side with another bouncer towards Wolvaardt’s leg side, but the umpire gives it a wide. Another shout for a leg before wicket, this time the ball striking Brits’ pads, but the umpire is not interested. Rightly so, the ball was missing the leg stump.

SA 23/0 after 7 overs

Arundhati returns and has a good over. Just the two runs from it, as the Proteas batters would want to amp up their scoring rate.

SA 21/0 after 6 overs

A misfield from Shafali gives the Proteas a FOUR to the Proteas.

SA 14/0 after 5 overs

Only a single fielder at the boundary, at deep square leg. Wolvaardt and Brits batting cautiously, flicking the ball towards the rope for a couple of singles. Four runs from the over.

SA 10/0 in 4 overs

Arundhati returns for her second over. A few singles in the first few balls for South Africa as the Proteas’ slow start continues. So far, some great fielding by the women in blue all around the ground.

SA 7/0 in 3 overs

Shreyanka continues her spell. After a great start to the over, Brits sweeps it towards fine leg for a FOUR. 

SA 3/0 after two overs

Arundhati Reddy comes in for her first over. There’s a lot of movement in Reddy’s deliveries as well, very similar to the second ODI. There was a strong appeal on the fourth ball as the ball caught Brits’ pads, but it was missing the leg stump. Just a couple of overs from the over.

SA 1/0 after the first over

Wolvaardt starts with defending the first ball, and then taking a single in the second, putting Brits on strike. The offie’s deliveries are spinning quite acutely as Brits was almost caught off guard, twice in a row. Brits fails to get bat on ball on the last ball of the over, that spun a lot. Just the one run.

South Africa set to open its innings

It’s Tazmin Brits and skipper Laura Wolvaardt at the crease. Shreyanka Patil to open the bowling.

The Indian women’s team will wear black armbands in honour of David Johnson

Former India pacer David Johnson passed away a few days back. The men’s team had donned black armbands as well in Johnson’s remembrance during their T20 World Cup campaign.

Former India pacer David Johnson passes away

Former India pacer David Johnson passed away on Thursday in Bengaluru at the age of 52. He played in two Test matches in 1996, taking three wickets. 


India names two changes as Shreyanka Patil and Priya Punia comes in the squad.

Playing XIs:

India: Harmanpreet Kaur (c), Smriti Mandhana, Shafali Verma, Priya Punia, Jemimah Rodrigues, Richa Ghosh, Deepti Sharma, Pooja Vastrakar, Radha Yadav, Arundhati Reddy, Shreyanka Patil

South Africa: L. Wolvaardt (c), T. Brits, A. Bosch, S. Luus, M. Kapp, N. de Klerk, N. Shangase, M. Ridder (wk), T. Sekhukhune, N. Mlaba, A. Khaka

Toss update

South Africa wins the toss and choses to bat first.

Match Preview

India will hope to carry on the winning momentum before they go to Chennai for a one-off Test match and three T20Is. Here’s the match preview for the Indian Women vs South Africa Women 3rd ODI:

IND-W vs SA-W: India Women aims for clean sweep against South Africa

Mandhana thus became the first Indian woman batter to score two successive hundreds in ODIs, and she also equalled Mithali Raj’s record of seven one-day centuries.

What happened in the second ODI between India Women and South Africa Women?

It was a nail-biter of match that saw four centuries, two from the Indian camp (Smriti Mandhana and Harmanpreet Kaur) and two from South Africa (Marizanne Kapp and Laura Wolvaardt). At the end, it was Pooja Vastrakar’s nerve that pulled off a brilliant last over, thereby handing the victory to India, which sealed the series with a 4-run win over the Proteas.

Here’s the match report by our correspondent N Sudarshan:

IND-W vs SA-W: Mandhana-Harmanpreet show, Pooja’s final over hand India nailbiting series-sealing win in Bengaluru

South Africa was shoddy in the field, dropping as many as three catches, fluffing two run-outs and a stumping, mistakes that cost the tie.


While Asha Sobhana and Annerie Dercksen were handed ODI debuts by India and South Africa respectively in the first ODI, pace bowling allrounder Arundhati Reddy was handed her ODI debut for India in the second ODI.

INDIA: Harmanpreet Kaur (C), Smriti Mandhana (VC), Shafali Verma, Deepti Sharma, Jemimah Rodrigues, Richa Ghosh (WK), Uma Chetri (WK), Dayalan Hemlatha, Radha Yadav, Asha Sobhana, Shreyanka Patil, Saika Ishaque, Pooja Vastrakar, Renuka Singh Thakur, Arundhati Reddy, Priya Punia.

SOUTH AFRICA: Laura Wolvaardt (c), Anneke Bosch, Tazmin Brits, Nadine de Klerk, Annerie Dercksen, Mieke de Ridder, Sinalo Jafta, Marizanne Kapp, Ayabonga Khaka, Masabata Klaas, Suné Luus, Eliz-Mari Marz, Nonkululeko Mlaba, Tumi Sekhukune, Nondumiso Shangase, Delmi Tucker.

Where to watch the India Women vs South Africa Women 3rd ODI?

The third ODI between India Women and South Africa Women in Bengaluru will be broadcast on the Sports18 Network. The match can be caught live on the JioCinema app and website as well.

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