Slikour and wife Melissa Wilkinson request privacy as they address ...

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Siyabonga 'Slikour' Metane

Siyabonga 'Slikour' Metane

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The marital bliss between hip-hop heavyweight Slikour and Melissa Wilkinson has reportedly run short following allegations of abuse and infidelity.Acknowledging the allegations, the couple admitted they had "trials and tribulations" to face and overcome.The couple tied the knot in 2017 and share a daughter, Shaka, whom they welcomed in 2020.

South African hip-hop heavyweight and entrepreneur Siyabonga Metane, better known as Slikour, and wife Melissa Wilkinson have requested that their marriage and family be treated with "respect and sensitivity" amid allegations of cheating and abuse.

This after Sunday World reported that a source shared that Wilkinson called it quits with the former rapper due to alleged emotional, financial, and psychological abuse.

The publication further claimed the source said Wilkinson allegedly complained of loneliness and neglect in the marriage and being sidelined when it came to "crucial" family decisions. He was also accused of being engaged in extramarital affairs.

In a joint statement acknowledging the allegations, Slikour and Wilkinson admitted they had their own "trials and tribulations" to face and overcome.

"While we acknowledge these challenges, we also would like the opportunity to work through them privately. As parents, we are both very committed to building a happy and healthy home not only for ourselves but, most importantly, our children," the couple said.

The couple tied the knot in 2017 and share a daughter, whom they welcomed in 2020, while Slikour also has an older son from a previous relationship.

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