Ryan Garcia raises concerns again as the boxing star alleges he ...

6 Mar 2024
Ryan Garcia

Ryan Garcia has raised further concerns about his mental health just days after a disturbing video online claimed the boxing star was dead.

Garcia, who is scheduled to face WBC super-lightweight champion Devin Haney on April 20, embarked on another worrying social-media rant on Tuesday; in which he appeared to allege that he was raped by a family member at the age of two, has photographic proof that aliens exist and that he was previously a witness to 'human trafficking'.

The 25-year-old sparked fears in the boxing community on Sunday when a video posted to his Instagram and X accounts - which showed a glimpse of an unidentifiable man in a house - claimed his 'throat had been slit' in the caption. The post also contained several satanic references.

One day later Garcia took to social media himself to explain the situation, suggesting his phone has been hacked and that he is being 'taken advantage of' while reassuring fans he is safe and well.

However, fans have now been left concerned about his state of mind once again after the latest series of troubling posts on his X account. 

Ryan Garcia has raised further concerns about his mental health with another worrying rant

Garcia posted a disturbing video to his social-media accounts claiming he was dead and that his 'throat had been slit' on Sunday 

He then delivered a video message to fans after concerns were raised over his wellbeing

But now the boxing star has embarked on another rant in which he alleged he was raped by a family member at the age of two

After posting about setting up a live drug tests to prove his wellbeing and making more satanic refences, Garcia wrote: 'I’ve been *grapes [raped] at 2 years old how would you act,' before continuing, 'by a family member. How would that feel to you how would you act'.

He added: 'I’ve seen the worst s**t in my life. I’m tired of being quiet'.

When another user quoted his post with laughing emojis, Garcia replied: 'It’s funny to people. I was raped as a two year old and I have proof and they laugh wtf is wrong with people.'

Garcia then appeared to suggest he has witnessed human trafficking in another string of cryptic yet concerning posts.

He said: 'What would you do if they held you down and made you watch yeah I’m losing it. The s**t I’ve seen I’m f****ng HURTING for the kids. 

'Human trafficking is the biggest trade in the world. And I’m hurting for them and I’m the crazy one. No one is doing anything.'

'They held me down and made me watch of course I’ve lost it a little. They really begged me to join and I said F**K YOU'.

'Are you guys the crazy ones!!! Cause I’m not lying they are hurting kids!!! And everyone is standing back telling me to shut up I DONT CARE ANYMORE. I’ll die for innocent souls taken if you aren’t on my side you are on the devils side.'

Fans are concerned about Garcia's state of mind heading into his upcoming fight on April 20

His ex-wife Andrea Celina also shared her concerns with his situation over the weekend 

Celina and Garcia divorced just days after the birth of their second child in January

Garcia then accepted an invitation to join controversial influencer Andrew Tate on an X 'Space' - where users are able to speak in audio chat rooms.

He went into further details about the alleged human trafficking, claiming in his conversation with Tate that he was tied up by 'the elites' and forced to watch children being raped in the woods.

'They held me down and made me watch little kids getting raped,' Garcia said. 'I don't give a f**k any more.

'Bro they f****ng took me to the f****ng woods bro and they tied me up, I'm not f****ng joking bro I have f****ng proof bro, I don't give a f**k.

'Bro I will f****ng show you every f****ng video you could ever f****ng believe.'

Tate then warned Garcia about the 'dangerous path' he is going down.

'I don't give a f**k,' he replied. 'I don't give a f**k, they can't touch me. I'm a god.'

Garcia then claimed to have proof of the alleged ordeal on his phone. 

He followed up the conversation with Tate by adding on X: 'Are the people going to get behind me or let them kill me that’s the real question???? Let Ryan Die or Help me.

'If they kill me lt wasn’t me.'

Dailymail.com has reached out to Garcia's promotional team Golden Boy Promotions for comment. 

The 24-1 fighter's dad, Henry Garcia, provided an update on Sunday saying that while his son was just trolling followers, there were larger issues at play.  

His ex-wife, Andrea Celina, also claimed he 'may seem fine but he is not' amid concerns for his safety, while suggesting he is being 'heavily oppressed'. 

Garcia is set to challenge WBC super-lightweight champion Devin Haney next month

He recently arrived for their press conference in Los Angeles while riding a horse

Garcia and Celina, who have two children together, announced their divorce in January just days after the birth of their second child.

British promoter Eddie Hearn also admitted he is worried about Garcia's 'erratic' behavior after his controversial antics at a press conference for his fight with Haney last week.

Garcia rode a horse to the event and was carried by security into the arena in Los Angeles, before Haney accused his rival of being on cocaine.

'Stop the coke n****, it's f****ng up your voice,' Haney said as Garcia spoke at the podium on stage.

'I don't do cocaine,' Garcia replied. 'I would do a live drug test [to prove it].

'I drink and I smoke weed, and so has the majority of this room.'

Haney then responded: 'What kind of example are you for the younger generation watching this? Talking about that you drink and you smoke weed, making that cool. The younger generation look up to us.'

Garcia shouted: 'You've finally got somebody raising their hand saying, "I'm real. I'm like this. I do drink, I do smoke - now what?'

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