WATCH | Aerial firefighting has begun to douse runaway Richards ...

2 Oct 2023
Richards Bay

Mondi fire services, Transnet fire services, South 32, RBM and other private companies arrived at the scene. 

“The weather conditions on the day posed significant challenges, with temperatures soaring to an estimated 39ºC. The situation became increasingly complex as the wind speed intensified and shifted to a northerly direction, providing additional fuel to the fire. At one point, woodchip sparks were carried over John Ross Highway, igniting the green belt opposite the highway and the neighbouring residential area of Arboretum, raising concerns for nearby residents.”

“Under the expert command of the City of uMhlathuze fire chief, fire and rescue teams were swiftly dispatched to different areas of Arboretum,” Gina said.  

The fire in the residential area was successfully brought under control with no reported loss of property or lives.  

“Our focus remains on monitoring and addressing the ongoing fire at NCT, which is expected to require additional time, possibly even days, for complete containment. The collaborative response from concerned agencies and the community has been overwhelming with water tankers made available to provide much-needed assistance,” Gina said.  


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