NFP in KwaZulu-Natal announces its choice of coalition partners

29 days ago

After days of speculation, the NFP in KwaZulu-Natal has finally announced its choice of coalition partners.

NFP president Ivan Barnes on Thursday declared that the party has joined the IFP, DA and ANC coalition to govern KwaZulu-Natal.

Barns intimated the NFP was not interested in working with parties that were against the constitution and those who were trying to “bring state capture through the back door” — presumably the MK Party.

He said his party's decision to work with the IFP coalition rather than the MK Party was based on what made sense numerically.

“The numbers required that we have 41, thus a bloc that was going to take the people of KZN forward. We have an obligation to join that bloc.

“The MK Party has 37 seats, with the only party [the EFF] that had expressed willingness to form a coalition with it having two seats to make up 39,” he said.

Meanwhile the IFP, ANC, DA coalition had 40 seats — short of one to form a government.

Asked what positions the NFP has been promised to join the coalition, Barns said they were “not there yet”.

“The premier will come from the IFP, the speaker from the ANC and deputy speaker from the DA — that is based on the strength of each party electorally. We are not on the executive and legislature yet.

“What's in it for the NFP? Any political party that contests the election wants to be a service delivery vehicle. For us it's about our people,” he explained.

The NFP had met political parties, including the MK Party but not the EFF, “on a principle that we said we are going to meet with all political parties that ask to meet with us”, Barnes said.

The election of a new premier, speaker and deputy speaker, which will be by secret ballot, will take place on Friday.


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