Calzona: 'Didn't expect Napoli catastrophe, I underestimated the ...

25 days ago

Napoli coach Francesco Calzona tried to explain the ‘catastrophe’ at the club, admitting he likely ‘underestimated the situation’ in the Campania capital.

The Partenopei again disappointed in their Serie A outing on Friday evening, dropping points in a tense 2-2 draw away to Fiorentina, a result that leaves them ninth in the league table with one match left to play.

Calzona took over as Napoli’s caretaker coach back in February, retaining his role with the Slovakia national team whilst also trying to help out the Partenopei. He’ll return to the Sokoli on a permanent basis following the end of the Serie A season, drawing a close to a difficult three months in Campania.

Speaking in a press conference via TMW after Napoli’s 2-2 draw with Fiorentina, Calzona first discussed what he’ll be leaving behind at the club after his exit at the end of the campaign.

“I won’t go into detail, the club must know this, I don’t give advice. I was called to improve the situation and I wasn’t able to do it, I take responsibility. I took a team 9th in the table and that’s what we are.

“However, I arrived after the season had started and already after a week of training camp there was already controversy. Since they told me that I don’t coach the team, I’ll say that in these almost three months I am to blame.

“Evidently, I didn’t make an impact and I’m sorry, but Napoli’s season had started seven and a half months earlier. And I say this as a Napoli fan, after a week the controversy started.”

He was then asked if he’d failed in his role with Napoli and the difficulties he’s faced.

“My management has kept the team in the same position, and I take responsibility. I shouldn’t be the only one… I didn’t expect all these problems, of course, I did not expect a catastrophe that’s not only on the pitch but in general.

“I didn’t only have to think about training, as would be my job, but many other things and no one told me anything about that. Maybe I underestimated the situation because I didn’t know it.”

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