'This is my world': Moshe Ndiki shares first snap of his 'miracle' twin ...

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Moshe Ndiki

Moshe Ndiki


Reality TV star Moshe Ndiki has introduced his twin boys to the world. Alongside a black and white photo of the boys on Instagram, he wrote: "Thank you, bawo."Ndiki told News24 in an interview that he always wanted to be a dad: "Whether I did it by myself or with a partner, it didn't matter to me."

Media personality and reality TV star Moshe Ndiki has finally given the outside world a glimpse into the bundles of joy that have brought him happiness. 

He took to his Instagram account recently and shared a picture of his twin boys as well as their names. 

Thalanda Alexander Moshe Ndiki and Ntaba Lehlohonolo Siyolo Ndiki were born through the process of surrogacy. 

Alongside a black and white photo, he wrote: "Thank you bawo. Born healthy and living, 2 boys. This is my world."

In March 2023, the media personality announced that he was expecting his children, calling them miracles. 

"I’ve prayed for this miracle of just being a dad, and also this gift to myself on my 31st Birthday; my mom... is now a soon-to-be grandmother. I have no words for God's mercy and love for me. For the past 2 years, I’ve tried to live and build a life where I and my child could be good, comfortable, safe, and loved, and God said, “Because uphapha “Bamba twins. (because you are forward, here have twins)

''It’s a funny story how that happened but I thank God and my surrogate, my surrogate's husband, and family. My egg donor, thank you, thank you. This journey is not for the faint-hearted, and it’s been documented well. For those waiting, for those trying, for those interested,'' wrote Moshe at the time. 

Speaking about his journey with News24, he said he had always wanted to be a dad. 

"Whether I did it by myself or with a partner, it didn't matter to me. As a result, even with one of the names that I gave my kids, I came up with that name when I was in Grade 10. I would dream about them and the type of upbringing I wanted to give them. I would plan the type of advice that I would give them and the type of discipline I would instil in them.''

Ndiki also said he researched surrogacy before starting the process. He says he looked at the laws governing surrogacy in South Africa and looked up which fertility clinic to go to.

"I had to look at the pros and the cons because some people, they turn out to be a scam, they carry the child for you, and then they just disappear, or they take the money, or some terminate the pregnancy. There are so many things that I needed to learn about my rights as a person that's going into this. I needed to learn about my surrogate's rights as well."

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