Mandla Mandela denies abusing Zoleka after list emerges

29 Sep 2023

Mandla Mandela said he was on the list of confirmed attendees at Zoleka’s funeral.

Mandla Mandela - Figure 1
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Nelson Mandela’s grandson Mandla. Photo: Flickr

Nelson Mandela and Winnie Madikizela’s grandson Mandla has denied abusing his cousin Zoleka Mandela.

Mandla also confirmed he was on the list of confirmed attendees at Zoleka’s funeral on Friday and paid his last respects to her.

Zoleka lost her long battle with cancer on Monday evening at the age of 43. Her private funeral service was held at the Bryanston Methodist Church on Friday.

She was taken to the Fourways Memorial Park for burial.

Mandla said the passing of his cousin is a sad occasion and “one which deserves dignity, decorum and observing last respects for a loved one”.

Zoleka Mandela’s list

Mandla made the comments after a list of people Zoleka did not want at her funeral was shared on social media. His name was included on the list.

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“I was on the list of confirmed attendees and accordingly paid my last respects. The timing of the appearance of a list of people who Zoleka apparently didn’t want to attend her funeral is unfortunate. The allegation of sexual abuse is serious and very uncharacteristic for someone as outspoken as her to leave it undisclosed until her unfortunate demise,” Mandla said in a statement.

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Mandla said he is shocked that his name was included on Zoleka’s list of family and friends who should not attend her funeral.

Zoleka wrote the following words at the end of the list: “FYI, these men sexually abused me.”

“I categorically deny the allegations levelled against me relating to any form of abuse against Zoleka Mandela. It is extremely unfortunate that my cousin sister’s last rites were mired by this unsavoury behaviour and that serious allegations of this nature could be bandied about so irresponsibly.

“We call on all family and friends to restore respect and dignity and to let Zoleka rest in peace,” Mandla said.

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