Leon Schuster is very much alive

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Leon Schuster

Asgar Mahomed, producer of Schuster's movies, confirmed on to The Citizen on Saturday that Leon is alive and in high spirits.

It’s not the first time that rumours of filmmaker Leon Schuster’s death do the rounds.

Rumours of Schuster’s death circulated on social media this week, and people started to post tributes. One Facebook user wrote: “With heavy hearts, today we announce the sad news about the great actor Mr Bones. We won’t be seeing Leon Schuster anymore. Rest well, Bones.”

Asgar Mahomed, producer of Schuster’s movies, confirmed on to The Citizen on Saturday that Leon is alive and in high spirits. He visited the actor and filmmaker at his home on Thursday, where he is recovering after two back surgeries.

“He is preparing for another procedure which will be approached from the stomach area to address his back issues. Obviously, this is hard on him, but his strength and resilience is truly inspiring,” Mahomed said.

He explained that Schuster needs to lose 15 kg before he can undergo the surgery. However, physical exercise is not an option at the moment. “He has embarked on a medically supervised weight loss journey and is very determined to lose the weight.

Mahomed said that he doesn’t understand why fake news about Schuster’s death has been started numerous times. “He doesn’t take it well. It’s not good for him to hear rumours of him passing away. We even made a video about it the previous time this happened.”

According to Mahomed Schuster is standing strong in the face of adversity, tackling each day with a winner’s mindset.

The actor is turning 73 on Tuesday. Mohamed says he is excited about Schuster’s recovery, as he has several projects lined up for him. “He will bring us many more laughs!”

Years of fake news

Schuster reacted to the youngest rumours of his death by posting on Facebook: “I hear I’m ‘dead’ again. What crazy people posts such things? I will kick him where he will never be able to have children again. It’s not nice when people call you and say ‘I’m so happy to hear your voice’. Thank you, thank you, and thank you dear Jesus that my life is in your hands!”

In 2021 Schuster told The Citizen that it feels like someone wants him dead after another rumour of his death did the rounds.

Schuster – famous for movies like You Must Be Joking, Oh Shucks It’s Schuster and Mr Bones – said the “joke” is a bitter pill to swallow and that death is not something he takes lightly.

“I think I’ve died 13 or 15 times by now. It is reprehensible behaviour to hurt someone or get revenge,” he said, adding that to mock death goes against what God stands for.

“It’s a blatant infringement of a person’s humanity; I also have a heart and soul, and I also get flippen hurt.”

He might be a comedian, but joking about death is clearly not something he takes lightly. “Whoever does this, can continue. No one will believe them anymore because I have now died too many times.”

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