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Kingdom in Tangled

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  • Disney movie 'Tangled' suddenly in the spotlight thanks to the coronavirus
  • Disney Fans Believe 'Tangled' Predicted Coronavirus in 2010
  • People are rewatching Tangled and realizing she was literally quarantined for 18 years
  • Interest in 2010 movie 'Tangled' surges amid coronavirus pandemic | TheHill
  • Did Disney’s Tangled predict coronavirus? Fans spot real-life similarities between isolated Rapunzel and the current crisis
  • Did Disney's 'Tangled' predict the coronavirus pandemic?
  • Disney fans reckon Tangled predicted coronavirus in 2010 and it’s all to do with what the movie kingdom is c
  • Tangled - Kingdom Dance - Alan Menken
  • Interesting Tangled Rapunzel Tweets You Should See in This Coronavirus Pandemic
  • Disney fans convinced Tangled predicted coronavirus
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