Emergency crews responding to wildfire near Kalk Bay, Western ...

18 days ago
Kalk Bay: #FIRE

Emergency crews are responding to a wildfire that has broken out near Kalk Bay in Western Cape Province as of Feb. 12. The fire was reported along Trappieskop in Kalk Bay at around 14:20 and is extending towards the St. James area. Unusually hot winds are causing the fire to spread downhill and it has crossed Boyes Drive. Several roads in the vicinity of the fire have been closed, including Boyes Drive and Kalk Bay Main Road. Firefighting crews and four helicopters have been deployed to tackle the blaze. At least one property has been affected by the fire, although authorities have stated that no occupants were present. As of the afternoon of Feb. 12, authorities have not issued any evacuation orders associated with the fire.

Officials could close roads at short notice to facilitate firefighting operations; evacuation orders are also possible. Ground travel disruptions are likely, as are disruptions on available parallel routes. Authorities could expand mandatory evacuation orders depending on evolving wildfire conditions. Smoke from the fires could cause poor air quality across the region. Low visibility from smoke and possible ashfall could contribute to traffic delays and congestion in the region. Localized power outages are possible.

Heed all evacuation orders. Seek updated information on road conditions if driving in the affected area; road closures and detours will cause increased congestion and delays. Check public transport status before setting out and allow additional time for travel.

Collect essential items - including identification and any important legal and travel documents - in an easily accessible "go-bag." Charge battery-powered devices in the case of prolonged power outages. Individuals not under evacuation warnings should consider remaining inside well-ventilated, air-conditioned spaces to reduce exposure to smoke. Individuals with chronic respiratory illnesses may be more susceptible to the negative effects of smoke inhalation. Eye irritation is possible; flush irritated eyes with copious amounts of clean water.

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