Jeremy Clarkson has been voted the UK's sexiest man and it makes ...

26 days ago
Jeremy Clarkson

Move over, David Gandy. The UK and Ireland’s sexiest man has just been crowned and his identity may take you by surprise. For it is none other than the 64-year-old TV presenter turned farmer Jeremy Clarkson, beating off the more “traditional” heartthrobs such as Cillian Murphy, Tom Holland and Idris Elba.

But it must be true because the victory is Clarkson’s for the second year running, as voted for by 2,000 female members of the dating site, But then, as so many women have discovered the hard way, attraction and logic are not always the keenest of bedfellows. It may be of interest to other sixtysomething round-bellied men that a chiselled jawbone, a full head of hair and a gleaming set of American teeth will only get you so far when it comes to our deepest desires.

Our crushes can often be strange, weird, come left-field and make absolutely no sense at all. Here are just a sprinkling of some that I have heard of recently.

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