'Please keep me in your prayers' — Gospel singer Fikile Mlomo ...

14 Apr 2024
Fikile Mlomo

Fikile Mlomo has revealed her diagnosis two months after losing her mobility.

The gospel singer recently went live on her Facebook timeline saying examinations have shown that she has a spinal tumour and has to undergo surgery.

“I have to undergo surgery, I think I'm far from getting back to work because the operation will require me to rest, I have to undergo surgery in my spinal cord. They say I have a spinal tumour,” she said.

Fikile went on to share her account details for donations saying she was not sure when she would be able to get back to work.

Still maintaining a positive spirit, Fikile said regardless of the outcome of her surgery, she was still determined to pursue her calling as a singer.

“I will never stop singing. No matter what happens after the operation, whether or not I walk again, I'm very strong, the voice is still there. Even if I have to sit in a chair and record music, the voice is still there,”

“Please keep me in your prayers. I don't know when I will be out of the hospital. I know there's a reason I was brought here in the hospital, God wants to talk to me and I will give him that attention.”

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