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There's no better way to kick off hunting season than with an archery-related gift. Here are some top options!

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May 13, 2024 By Mark Demko

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For many bowhunters, June marks the start of serious bow shooting time as they begin prep for the fall hunting seasons. It’s also the time when we celebrate the dads in our life, honoring them on Father’s Day, set for June 16 this year.

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If you’re looking for a practical and affordable gift for your archery-hunting dad this year, we have you covered with our annual gift guide. What follows are more than a dozen awesome options that any bowhunting father should and will appreciate each and every time he takes part in his favorite pursuit.

Moultrie Mobile Feed HubMoultrie Mobile Feed Hub

If dad lives and/or hunts in a state where feeders are allowed, then Moultrie Mobile’s new Feed Hub is a tool that’s simply indispensable. With the Feed Hub, you can control your feeder from anywhere. The three-part system includes a feed level detector that can be mounted to almost any spin-cast feeder, a cellular-connected timer and the Moultrie Mobile app. The resulting setup allows a person to monitor feed and battery levels, run feeders on demand, receive notifications when feed levels are low and set and tweak feeding schedules as needed — all from their smartphone. Easy Peasy is an understatement!

$99.99 |

Rage NC BroadheadsRage 2-Blade Chistel Tip NC (left) & 2-Blade Cut on Contact NC (right)

When it comes to bowhunting, there are only three pieces of equipment you really need — bow, arrow and broadhead — but all three are essential for accomplishing your goal of downing a deer, elk or turkey.

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Speaking of broadheads, there’s no doubt that Rage’s ultra-sharp mechanicals were a game-changer when they hit the market. And, in recent years, the company has enhanced the accuracy and performance of its heads by introducing No Collar (NC) technology. An integrated blade-containment system that keeps the blades secured in the closed position during flight, NC Technology eliminates the need for a Shock Collar, dental band or O-ring. Recently, the company added NC Technology to three of its iconic broadheads — the Rage 2-Blade Cut on Contact, 2-Blade Chisel Tip and Crossbow X. The Rage 2-Blade and 2-Blade Chisel Tip with NC Technology are available in 100 grains, while the Crossbow X NC comes in 100- and 125-grain options. If you want a great gift for dad, a pack of these awesome heads is a great place to start!

$39.99 per 3 |

Easton Match Grade Arrows at Lancaster ArcheryEaston Match Grade Arrows

If the father or father figure in your life shoots Easton arrows and you want to provide him with the top of the line, then Lancaster Archery Supply — the world’s leading archery-only supplier — is your destination for Easton’s complete line of Match Grade Pro Shop Series Arrows. Easton puts every Match Grade arrow through a five-point straightness check covering the full length of the shaft to come up with a tolerance of .001-inch before giving the arrow the “Match Grade” branding. Arrows are fletched with AAE Hybrid vanes set in a helical configuration at exact locations for optimum broadhead steering. A full line of precision, point-end inserts in aluminum, steel and titanium ensure perfect broadhead alignment. The Match Grade lineup consists of the FMJ and Axis — in both 4mm and 5mm — as well as the Sonic 6.0 and Easton 6.5. If you aren’t sure of the specs for your dad’s arrows, don’t fret — a Lancaster Archery Supply gift card is the perfect substitute!

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Price Varies by Item |

Bear Archery Little Bear RecurveBear Archery Little Bear Recurve (available in both green and brown)

For the vast majority of hunters, the best part of progressing through life is not stacking up kills or trophies, but introducing their sons, daughters and others to the sport and the outdoors, seeing the wonder in their eyes when that first buck walks in front of them or a tom gobbles its head off mere yards from the blind.

A starter bow is a wonderful option to help dad and child get started on their journey together, and one excellent option if they are taking a more “traditional” path is the Little Bear Recurve. This traditional bow for youth measures 48 inches long and checks in at only .7 pounds, making it incredibly lightweight and easy to handle and shoot. The bow, which comes in right- and left-hand models, sports clear maple risers, with the option of Brown Glass or Green Glass limbs. It’s made in America and available in 20- and 25-pound weight options.

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$199.99 |

Morrell Targets Boa CompressionMorrell Targets Boa Compression

Whether your bowhunting dad uses a bow or crossbow, this is a target that can handle any and all of the shots that come its way. This high-compression-style target is built to withstand the world’s fastest crossbows, with the added bonus of super-easy arrow and bolt removal. The target, which is housed within a wooden frame, has a high-density build designed to stop shots flying well over 500 fps. It also has a highly durable Gridlock Nylon Facing to provide longevity and easy arrow and bolt extraction. The target comes with an easy-carry handle, is weather-resistant and handles both crossbow and compound shots (fieldpoints only). It comes in three sizes — 18-, 20- and 24-inch — with the 20- and 24-inch targets having no limit on the feet per second they can handle (18-inch target has 500 fps maximum).

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$119.99-$239.99 |

Browning Trail Cameras Defender Pro Scout Max HDBrowning Trail Cameras Defender Pro Scout Max HD

I’ve been hunting a long time and I’ve never, ever met a bowhunter who’s said to me, “I have too many trail cams.” That’s why a high-quality camera like the Defender Pro Scout Max HD always makes a much-appreciated Father’s Day gift. Highlighting this feature-rich cell cam are all-HD photos, on-demand photo and video technology and an auto-detection feature that automatically connects the camera to the strongest signal. The Defender Pro Scout Max HD takes 22MP photos, 1080p video and has Illuma-Smart Technology that adjusts the IR flash to ensure quality nighttime photos. It has a .25-second trigger speed, 100-foot detection range, 120-foot flash range, GPS tagged images and battery life of up to one year on eight AA batteries.

$149.99 |

YETI Hopper M30 Soft CoolerYETI Hopper M30 Soft Cooler

Perfect for carrying food and beverages to or around camp or a fishing spot — maybe even transporting game meat home on a plane after a successful hunt — the completely re-engineered YETI Hopper M30 Soft Cooler is a rugged, tough cooler that offers impressive cold-holding capabilities thanks to YETI’s Coldcell Insulation closed-cell foam. The cooler features the MagShield Access, an extra-wide top that stays open as you load and unload, with powerful magnets that snap closed easily to create a solid, leak-resistant seal. The cooler is made of YETI’s Dryhide Shell, a high-density fabric that withstands punctures and UV rays. It comes in several color options, can hold up to 42 cans or 32 pounds of ice, weighs 6.8 pounds and measures 25.2x11.9x17.3 inches.

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$350 |

Dead Down Wind BLACK LineDead Down Wind BLACK Line

Every hunter knows how vital scent concealment is if they hope to get a shot at a buck, bull, bear or other game.

Well, for 2024, Dead Down Wind BLACK has expanded its product line in an effort to provide the most comprehensive scent-control system for hunters. Featuring Dead Down Wind’s most effective mix of scent-control products ever, the BLACK Premium Antiperspirant & Deodorant and Laundry Bombs are designed to get to the source faster and more effectively, helping to eliminate human, household and pet odors, as well as other smells that might send game to the next county. The scent-free antiperspirant and deodorant, which is available as a solid or soft solid, is designed to keep you dry and is safe for sensitive skin, while the easy-to-use, scent-free Laundry Bombs help remove dirt, grime and, of course, human and other odors. Also new is a 40-ounce version of BLACK Premium Laundry Detergent, which made its debut last year in a 20-ounce size.

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Price Varies by Item |

Swagger Bipods Hunting StickSwagger Bipods Hunting Stick

Have a crossbow-hunting dad? Swagger Bipods’ Hunting Stick is a relatively inexpensive but invaluable gift option. The reason: Today’s crossbows are exceptionally fast and accurate, but you still need a steady rest when taking aim at game, especially if you’re shooting longer distances. This new shooting stick is lightweight — weighing only 15 ounces — and easy to use and adjust, whether hunting from a ground blind or on a spot and stalk. The monopod can be adjusted from 14-42 inches high, making it ideal for shooting from the standing, sitting or kneeling position. It also has a padded grip for comfort and control, as well as a flexible, V-shaped rest.

$39.99 |

Havalon Piranta ECHOHavalon Piranta ECHO

I’ve probably lost more knives over the years than any other piece of hunting equipment, so I know firsthand that it’s a gift that any father, grandfather or son who hunts can appreciate. Stated simply, a spare knife can quickly become your primary one!

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One terrific, new option for 2024 is Havalon’s new Piranta ECHO. Sharp, sleek and lightweight, this knife is perfect for numerous tasks afield. The company’s world-class surgical quality blades have defined what users have come to expect in a replaceable-blade knife, and the Piranta ECHO’s surgically inspired handle — Havalon’s first — is the result of more than 40 years of blade-making knowledge and craftsmanship. Made of surgical quality stainless steel, the knife is strong, light and easy to clean. It comes with a convenient holster, six Havalon 60A blades, a blade remover and blade holder.

$49.99 |

Mystery Ranch GRAVELLY 18Mystery Ranch GRAVELLY 18

Whether you stand hunt for whitetails or spot and stalk for muleys in the West, you need a good, quality backpack for essentials, plus maybe an extra layer of clothes if you want to add or shed garments.

Mystery Ranch’s GRAVELLY 18 perfectly fits the bill, weighing just 1.8 pounds with an 18.9-liter volume capacity. The pack comes with compression straps, two water bottle pockets, stowable shoulder straps and a zipper-secured front pocket for easy access. In addition to using as your regular pack, it can also piggyback onto another, main backpack, or attach to Mystery Ranch’s ULTRALIGHT MT frame so you can use the GRAVELLY’s compression straps and Overload shelf as a meat hauler. The pack, which is hydration reservoir compatible, is available in Mystery Ranch Foliage, Buckskin, Ponderosa and Subalpine colors/patterns.

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$149-$159 |

onX Hunt ApponX Hunt App

Whether dad is looking for a new hunting spot locally, or he’s planning that dream trip out West for elk or mule deer, one of the best investments he can make, or you can give him as a gift, is onX. This GPS hunting app and navigation platform is renowned for providing detailed information on public- and private-land boundaries, landowners’ names, topography mapping and Wind On A Waypoint, which allows you to set and monitor your stand locations to see when the wind is right to hunt a given stand or area. Now, onX has launched its Hunt Research Tools, designed to help sportsmen better understand states’ draw odds, tags trends, harvest statistics and more as they plan their hunt and tag-application strategy. Combining onX’s detailed intel with its high-resolution 2D and 3D satellite imagery allows you to start planning your dream hunt from afar, well before you ever step foot on your chosen destination.

$99.99 Annually for Elite |

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Nockturnal G Shift NockNockturnal G Shift Nock

Lighted nocks make it easier to track your arrow in flight, see the point of impact and locate the arrow after the shot. Designed to fit arrows with a .166-inch inner diameter, the G Shift is the latest addition to Nockturnal’s Shift FIT line. Highlighting this lighted nock is an external switch that makes it super easy to turn off after shot. The nock, which weighs 25 grains, is waterproof and shockproof, comes with universal FIT Collars and provides more than 20 hours of illumination via the lithium-powered battery.

$29.99 per 3 |

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