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16 days ago

Bible Study: (2:20)

Acts 2:14, 22-33

Peter’s confidence in Christ’s Resurrection  Father asks how we explain the Resurrection


Easter Monday - Figure 1
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(21:54) – Listener corrects Father Simon’s comments on Dr. Brant Pitre  (28:29) – Question about what Mary deserves  (30:18) – I like the movie, “Is Genesis history?” (32:06) – I heard if you die on good Friday you go straight to 

Word of the Day: Pentecost (34:01)


(37:11) – 2 Questions: 1) Why would Romans want Jesus’ blood-stained garments. 2) When they removed Jesus from the cross, wouldn’t that have made the Jews ritually impure?  (39:07) – How can the Shroud include Jesus’ face?  (42:05) – Did Jesus appear to Mary his Mother? Why wasn’t it mentioned in the Bible? (47:56) – Why was the Devil in the Garden of Eden?  (49:46) – St. Faustina’s vision of Purgatory 

Original Air Date: April 10, 2024

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