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Every UEFA Champions League Player of the Match

See who took the official Player of the Match award after every UEFA Champions League group stage game this season.

UEFA will give an official Player of the Match award after every 2021/22 UEFA Champions League group stage game to recognise the top performers in Europe's top club competition.

The UEFA technical observers at each game decide who deserves to be the Player of the Match, with an official trophy handed to the successful candidate after full time. Bolded teams (below) are those of the selected player.

Matchday 1

14/09: Barcelona 0-3 Bayern – Robert Lewandowski14/09: Dynamo Kyiv 0-0 Benfica – Nicolás Otamendi14/09: Young Boys 2-1 Man. United – Christian Fassnacht14/09: Villarreal 2-2 Atalanta – Daniel Parejo14/09: Sevilla 1-1 Salzburg – Karim Adeyemi14/09: LOSC 0-0 Wolfsburg – Jonathan David14/09: Chelsea 1-0 Zenit – Romelu Lukaku14/09: Malmö 0-3 Juventus – Paulo Dybala

15/09: Man. City vs Leipzig15/09: Club Brugge vs Paris15/09: Atlético de Madrid vs Porto15/09: Liverpool vs AC Milan15/09: Beşiktaş vs Dortmund15/09: Sporting CP vs Ajax15/09: Sheriff vs Shakhtar Donetsk15/09: Inter vs Real Madrid

Matchday 2

28/09: Paris vs Man. City28/09: Leipzig vs Club Brugge28/09: AC Milan vs Atlético de Madrid28/09: Porto vs Liverpool28/09: Ajax vs Beşiktaş28/09: Dortmund vs Sporting CP28/09: Shakhtar Donetsk vs Inter28/09: Real Madrid vs Sheriff

29/09: Bayern vs Dynamo Kyiv29/09: Benfica vs Barcelona29/09: Atalanta vs Young Boys29/09: Man. United vs Villarreal29/09: Salzburg vs LOSC29/09: Wolfsburg vs Sevilla29/09: Zenit vs Malmö29/09: Juventus vs Chelsea

Matchday 3

19/10: Club Brugge vs Man. City19/10: Paris vs Leipzig19/10: Atlético de Madrid vs Liverpool19/10: Porto vs AC Milan19/10: Beşiktaş vs Sporting CP19/10: Ajax vs Dortmund19/10: Shakhtar Donetsk vs Real Madrid19/10: Inter vs Sheriff

20/10: Barcelona vs Dynamo Kyiv20/10: Benfica vs Bayern20/10: Young Boys vs Villarreal20/10: Man. United vs Atalanta20/10: Salzburg vs Wolfsburg20/10: LOSC vs Sevilla20/10: Chelsea vs Malmö20/10: Zenit vs Juventus

Matchday 4

02/11: Dynamo Kyiv vs Barcelona02/11: Bayern vs Benfica02/11: Villarreal vs Young Boys02/11: Atalanta vs Man. United02/11: Wolfsburg vs Salzburg02/11: Sevilla vs LOSC02/11: Malmö vs Chelsea02/11: Juventus vs Zenit

03/11: Man. City vs Club Brugge03/11: Leipzig vs Paris03/11: AC Milan vs Porto03/11: Liverpool vs Atlético de Madrid03/11: Sporting CP vs Beşiktaş03/11: Dortmund vs Ajax03/11: Real Madrid vs Shakhtar Donetsk03/11: Sheriff vs Inter

Matchday 5

23/11: Dynamo Kyiv vs Bayern23/11: Barcelona vs Benfica23/11: Villarreal vs Man. United23/11: Young Boys vs Atalanta23/11: Sevilla vs Wolfsburg23/11: LOSC vs Salzburg23/11: Malmö vs Zenit23/11: Chelsea vs Juventus

24/11: Man. City vs Paris24/11: Club Brugge vs Leipzig24/11: Atlético de Madrid vs AC Milan24/11: Liverpool vs Porto24/11: Beşiktaş vs Ajax24/11: Sporting CP vs Dortmund24/11: Inter vs Shakhtar Donetsk24/11: Sheriff vs Real Madrid

Match 6

07/12: Paris vs Club Brugge07/12: Leipzig vs Man. City07/12: Porto vs Atlético de Madrid07/12: AC Milan vs Liverpool07/12: Dortmund vs Beşiktaş07/12: Ajax vs Sporting CP07/12: Real Madrid vs Inter07/12: Shakhtar Donetsk vs Sheriff

08/12: Benfica vs Dynamo Kyiv08/12: Bayern vs Barcelona08/12: Man. United vs Young Boys08/12: Atalanta vs Villarreal08/12: Salzburg vs Sevilla08/12: Wolfsburg vs LOSC08/12: Juventus vs Malmö08/12: Zenit vs Chelsea

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