The best and (some of the) worst of the Cricket World Cup

12 days ago
Cricket World Cup


Ricky Ponting and Ian Bishop for the intellect and realising that having a microphone means you don’t have to shout. Ian Smith actually knows when to raise his voice and his enthusiasm is infectious. SA’s Natalie Germanous has a soothing tone, and has grown in stature on the world stage. 


Most of the rest. Why is Matthew Hayden given a microphone? Why does he wear stupid hats? The same goes for Ravi Shastri — that toss performance is clownish. Make it stop please.



Chennai and Kolkata — genuine atmosphere at both for matches not involving India. The stadiums, the MA Chidambaram in Chennai and Eden Gardens in Kolkata, are two storied venues in India, that are situated in the heart of the cities. Both gave the tournament the feel of a World Cup — and the food in Chennai was the best for any Indian venue. 


Pune — the MCA Stadium is situated too far from the centre of a city that is too spread out and still under construction.


“We’re gonna have a bowl.” Pat Cummins after winning the toss before the World Cup final. Ballsy. And then he made it work.

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