Mayra Ramirez and Fran Kirby return to the starting line-up as Emma Hayes makes seven changes.

Aggie Beever-Jones and Erin Cuthbert, our two goalscorers at West Ham at the weekend, also start. Cuthbert is captain of the side.

Zecira Musovic, our most frequently selected goalkeeper in the Champions League this season, is between the posts again and Eve Perisset for Niamh Charles is the one change in the defence.

Lauren James is named among tonight’s substitutes.

Ajax’s captain Sherida Spitse returns from the suspension she served in the first leg and Jonna Van de Velde is also added to their line-up. Lily Yohannes is now banned following her yellow card against Chelsea last week.

Chelsea Musovic, Lawrence, Carter, Buchanan, Perisset, Cuthbert (c), Ingle, Beever-Jones, Kirby, Reiten, Ramirez

Subs Berger, Hampton, Charles, Leupolz, Cankovic, Nusken, Rytting Kaneryd, James, Macario

Ajax Van Eijk; Kardinaal, Spitse, De Sanders, De Klonia, Noordam, Van Gool, Van de Velde, Grant, Leuchter, T. Hoekstra

Subs Nienhuis, Van der Wal, Keijzer, Verhoeve, I Hoekstra, B Jansen, Noordman, Keukelaar, Sabajo, Tolhoek

Referee Tess Olofsson from Sweden