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Jeremy Corbyn challenges Boris Johnson to call an ELECTION on Brexit

Jeremy Corbyn challenges Boris Johnson to call an ELECTION to decide the Brexit issue - despite warning from Tony Blair that Tories could win a \'comfortable majority\'Jeremy Corbyn has laid down the gauntlet to the PM to call an election on BrexitThe Labour leader said snap poll should happen if MPs manage to block No DealIntervention comes despite warnings Mr Corbyn is falling into an \'elephant trap\'   Jeremy Corbyn today challenged Boris Johnson to call an election to decide the Brexit issue - despite warnings that he is playing into the PM\'s hands.The Labour leader said the PM should \'let the people decide\' if Remainers manage to block No Deal in a massive Parliamentary showdown this week.The intervention, in a speech in Salford, came despite Tony Blair pleading with Mr Corbyn not to fall into the \'elephant trap\' of backing a snap poll.Remainers are gearing up for a huge effort to rule out No Deal, with a crunch vote in the Commons tomorrow.If they win, it would pave th
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