53 Best early Black Friday deals 2023 for bargain hunters

11 days ago
Black Friday specials

Almost all major players take part, like John Lewis, Selfridges, Amazon, Lelo, and basically everyone else you can think of, all with promotions to help you save some big bucks on your next order, be that on washing machines or mobile phones. In years gone by, we've seen some mind-boggling discounts, from up to 75 per cent off premium TV deals, designer clothes falling by a few hundred quid and must-have home appliances like cordless vacuum cleaners and coffee machines that are guaranteed to put a smile on your bargain-hunting face.

Curious to know what you can buy? We've rounded up the top offers on a variety of key stuff most people buy throughout the sale. Read our guides on the best Black Friday alcohol deals, best Black Friday clothing deals, best Amazon Black Friday deals, best Black Friday Lelo deals, best Black Friday mattress deals, Percival, Simba and Nike Black Friday sales, the best Black Friday fragrance sales, the best Black Friday PlayStation 5 deals, and the best furniture deals, as well as the best Cyber Monday deals so you can be as prepped as possible for the big weekend.

When is the Black Friday sale 2023?

Black Friday 2023 officially falls on November 24, stretching out over the weekend to end at midnight on Monday, November 27. Remember that Black Friday isn't restricted to one single day.

For 2022, the Black Friday sale officially started on November 25, pushing throughout the rest of the weekend before finally finishing on Cyber Monday, the last day of the sale. But, that year, we saw discounts flying around the internet right at the beginning of November, with some less-popular sales running deep into December, so if you're still unsure of where to spend your money, don't fret just yet.

If you're confused about when things will be happening on your favourite retailer sites, we suggest you keep their home pages tabbed so you can find out when things are happening, or simply follow our roundups so you can check out what our editors are buying this year.

What about Black Friday in the UK?

Black Friday was initially a US-centric sale designed to capitalise on the Christmas needs of consumers who are full and happy from the Thanksgiving holidays. Brits don't celebrate Thanksgiving, of course, so for the UK it's more focused on getting as many deals as possible before the Christmas period begins.

Bricks-and-mortar shops will tempt you to visit physically, and you'll quickly find decent offers in-store. But for most of us, online shopping is the preferred route, mainly because we don't like interacting with people if we can help it. For that purpose, UK deliveries during Black Friday are usually supercharged to make sure you get what you pay for promptly. Some retailers will offer special next-day delivery deals if you spend a certain amount in your basket or will run special offers to get your items to you faster.

What were the best Black Friday deals in 2022?

Black Friday 2022 was, comparably, a slightly smaller shopping event compared to previous years, explained by the somewhat turbulent times the UK was suffering through at the time. With Liz Truss failing to outlast a lettuce after tanking the economy, postal worker strikes, supplier shortages, a national energy crisis and the emergence of the Ukraine military crisis, spending appetite was inevitably down. But 2023 is looking less glum overall, and hey, at least we've got Christmas to look forward to.

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