Dismal defending, waterlogged pitch sees Bafana suffer shock loss ...

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Bafana Bafana - Figure 1
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Bafana Bafana. (Gallo)

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Dismal defending, waterlogged pitch sees Bafana suffer shock loss to Rwanda

Bafana Bafana's second Soccer World Cup Group C qualifying clash in four days ended in defeat as they were beaten away by Rwanda on Tuesday.

Playing on a waterlogged artificial surface at Stade Huye in Butare, poor defending by South Africa saw the hosts into a 2-0 lead at half-time thanks to goals from Innocent Nshuti and Gilbert Mugisha.

After a poor first half in which they rarely threatened, Hugo Broos' charges were better in the second stanza, but they could find a goal to get them back into the match.

Following their 2-1 win over Benin on Saturday, Bafana are currently second in Group C with Rwanda in first place. 

39m ago

Lots more attacking thrust from Bafana, but no goals, sadly. 

1h ago

The second half is underway and the pitch remains extremely waterlogged.

If Bafana can find an early goal in the second stanza, they stand a chance of getting back into this. 

1h ago


Bafana have it all to do in the second stanza. Can they salvage something from this match?

Rwanda 2-0 Bafana

1h ago

Gilbert Mugisha score Rwanda's second goal.

1h ago

Our boys struggling to play in wet conditions.

— Mosibudi Rachel M (@rachysuperstar) November 21, 2023

1h ago

Problems for Hugo Broos' men as Rwanda score a second.

They are full value for it, however, although that's another dreadful defensive error.

Rwanda 2-0 Bafana

2h ago

Nshuti was the scorer for the home side. 

2h ago

Rwanda has not scored at home in over two years but have ended that streak as they open the scoring against Bafana.

Rwanda 1-0 South Africa

2h ago

Kick-off set for 3pm. The players are on the field for the anthems, despite what appears to be a rather soggy pitch. 

2h ago

Yorrrrr dear me, this pitch already looks water-logged from the rain and the match hasn't started ???????

20 mins from kick-off???? Rwanda vs Bafana Bafana ???? pic.twitter.com/IJyRTDTaPq

— Sahil Ebrahim (@sahil_e_) November 21, 2023

Oh dear...

3h ago

Bafana Bafana will take on Rwanda in Huye on Tuesday in their second 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifier as the only team in their group with a win. 

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