FUBAR season 2 seems like a shoo-in for Arnold Schwarzenegger ...

FUBAR season 2 seems like a shoo-in for Arnold Schwarzenegger ...
The Netflix series inspired by 1994's True Lives still has a lot of story to tell.

Warning: minor spoilers ahead for Arnold Schwarzenegger's FUBAR.

Just when he thought he was out, they pull him back in.

That's the premise of Netflix's latest action series and Arnold Schwarzenegger acting comeback, FUBAR. The story is inspired by the star's 1994 action-comedy True Lies, which followed a CIA agent Harry Tasker (classic Arnie name) who has to save the world and his marriage. It's a big return to the action comedy capers that made Arnie an unlikely household name and one of the most bankable superstars of the 80s and 90s.

“I said, ‘it has to be something where I can use all my aspects and talents. It has to be fun. It has to be action-packed. It has to be sweet. And we shouldn’t try to get around my age — let’s play my age,’" Schwarzenegger has said about his choice to dive adjacent into one of his most famous roles.

In this present-day retelling, as with so many peeps into the future of our beloved action stars, we see Luke Banner (again, just a normal character name for someone with that accent) have to team up with his daughter (Top Gun: Maverick's Monica Barbaro)– who also just happens to be a CIA agent! The family business!

While the series was spun as one last outing for a classic character, what's an extra mission or two for good luck? Here's everything we know about a second season of FUBAR.

Will there be FUBAR season 2?

While the series wasn't billed as a limited series for Netflix, there's no word yet on whether this return to acting for Arnie is sticking around for another run.

In all likelihood, we're getting a second season. This first run ended up with Arnie's family on the run, unable to go home at risk of being killed by literally any terrorist they've ever had contact with in their work. And just in case you didn't already know, that's a lot of them. Not only is there prime real estate for more balls-out explosions and action, but who also doesn't want to see Arnold Schwarzenegger fronting some kind of road trip caper?

Not only were we set up for more story, Netflix just got their hands on Arnie, both for FUBAR and a three-part docuseries about his life, Arnold. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada, the star said: “This is Netflix’s deal, I have very little to do with this whole thing other than having to sit there for, I don’t know how many hours… 40 hours of interviews and stuff like that that I agreed to do." We don't know about you, but that makes it sound like there's a pretty hefty contract between the streamer and Arnie for some sweet sweet content, and a second season of FUBAR could very easily be part of that.

What would FUBAR season 2 be about?

As we said, the car door has been left fully open for more stories in FUBAR season 2. Arnie (yes, we know he has a character name, but he's Arnie, OK?) and his family are in danger from every criminal they've ever dealt with at work, so there's clearly some heavy lifting that needs to be done to keep everyone safe.

Also, considering Arnie and his daughter basically were leading completely double lives until all hell broke loose, they now have to deal with the fallout of not only being on the run but their whole family realising they've been lied to. Who doesn't love a little familial melodrama as a side to some ridiculous action?

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