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29 Feb 2024
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Al Nassr vs Al Hazem: Catch the highlights from the Saudi Pro League match between Al Nassr and Al Hazem at the King Saud Stadium in Riyadh.

Updated : Mar 01, 2024 00:37 IST

Al Nassr - Figure 1
Photo Sportstar

File Photo: Al Nassr's Talisca celebrates with Alex Telles in Saudi Pro League | Photo Credit: REUTERS

File Photo: Al Nassr's Talisca celebrates with Alex Telles in Saudi Pro League | Photo Credit: REUTERS

Welcome to Sportstar’s highlights of the Al Nassr vs Al Hazem Saudi Pro League match being played at the King Saud Stadium in Riyadh.


Four times, Al Nassr went ahead in the match and four times Al Hazem brought itself back on level term. A total of seven goals scored in the second half. Talisca’s hattrick was not enough for Al Nassr as its defense performed poorly and paid the price. 

90+9’ - Hazem goes level again!

Selemani flicks the ball with his heel off of a corner, nutmegs Talisca as the ball rolls into the path of Ricardo who taps it in and makes it level!

90+4’ - Mane converts the pen!

Mane takes it and hits it true. The ball hits the cross-bar and crosses the goalline. 

March 01, 2024 00:23


90+2’ - Penalty given to Al Nassr

Hazem’s keeper comes out to punch the ball but makes contact with Al Nemer of Nassr. Penalty and a yellow card given. 


Nine minutes given as added time


Brozovic runs across the field and takes a shot but it goes out for a corner which amounts to nothing. 

84’ - Hazem strikes again!

A cross from the left bounces inside the box to Selemani and his first time finish finds the net!


Mane plays a cross in for Otavio who attempts a bi-cycle kick, saved by the keeper.


Salemani heads the ball towards the far-post off of a cross but the ball goes on the wrong side of the net. 


Salemani slots a cross in for Badamosi, but his header goes off-target. 


Otavio plays it on the left to Mane who takes a few touches and unleashes a shot on the near post, saved by the keeper. 

70’ - Talisca scores hattrick!

Alex Telles plays a cross from the left at the centre of the box and Talisca leaps high and heads the ball in!

February 29, 2024 23:59


66’ - Hazem equalises again!

Toze finds the net after a brilliant solo run. The ref calls it off-side. After a VAR check, it’t confirmed that the attacker was on-side and the goal stands!


Laporte plays a long-ball to Talisca but he takes a heavy touch and the ball goes out for a corner. 

Al Nassr - Figure 2
Photo Sportstar

February 29, 2024 23:52


61’ - Talisca scores another!

Naasr attacks in large numbers. Telles crosses it to Mane who heads it to Yahya on the right and his first-time pass to Talisca is met with a side-footed first time finish into the net. 


Al Najei makes way for Yahya for Al Nassr. 


Talisca takes a shot from distance that takes a couple deflections and out for a corner. 

53’ - Al Hazem equalizes!

Toze takes a corner targetting the far post as Al Mhemaid heads the ball in inches away form goal to make it all level!

Second-Half begins!

Hazem breaks into an attack straight away but loses the ball. Al Nassr breaks into a counter as Talisca plays a cross in to Al Najei but the ball strikes his arm before going into the net. 


Al Nassr in front by a solitary goal thanks to Talisca’s penalty by the halfway point of this match. 


Badamosi gets a cross inside the box right in-front of goal as the forward brings the ball down but fails to register a shot on goal.


Badamosi holds the ball inside the Nassr box and plays it back to Al Salman, but the mid-fielder’s shot goes over the bar. 


Brozovic takes a free-kick from 30 yards out which goes straight to the wall.


Badamosi shown yellow for an elbow on Laporte of Al Nassr. 


Selemani takes a free-kick from a distance and wins a corner, but it amounts to nothing. 

February 29, 2024 23:01


31’ - Talisca scores from the spot

Talisca buries the ball in the bottom right corner and takes Al Nassr ahead. 

February 29, 2024 23:01


29’ - Al Nassr awarded penalty

Ricardo strikes the face of Al Najei inside the box and after a long VAR check, the ref awards the penalty. 


Hazem miscues a pass as Talisca wins the ball and passes to Mane on the counter who pushes ahead plays it back to Talisca in front of the goal, but his shot is saved by the Hazem keeper. 


Toze finds the net for Al Hazem but is called off-side. 


Talisca plays a storng through ball to Al Najei as the winger plays a pass into the box but is deflected away. 


Hazem breaks into a counter as Badamosi tries to hold the ball deep into Nassr’s half but the attacker is pushed to a corner and the ball is stolen away by Ale Telles. 


Nassr takes a free-kick deep in the Hazem box. Brozovic passes it behind to Telles who taeks a powerful shot but off-target. 


Talisca goes down inside the box but the ref says play-on. 


Talisca makes a progressive pass into the box for Mane who tries to pass it inside the box for Brozovic, but the ball is blocked. 


Boushal plays a cross into the box for Nassr but Ricardo of Hazem clears it out. 


Otavio tries to play it through to Al Najei but the pass is intercepted. 


Telles plays a cross from behind to Al Najei but his header lacked quality. 


Mane plays it ahead for Telles on the left who makes a cutting pass into the box to Talisca, who takes a firs-time shot, saved by the keeper. 


Al Nassr kicks the match off!

Al Hazem starting lineup!

Dahmen; Al Bakr, Ricardo, Viana, Qasheesh; Al Mhemaid, Moreno, Al Salman; Selemani, Badamosi, Toze

Al Nassr’s starting lineup!

Livestream and telecast info

The Saudi Pro League match between Al Nassr and Al Hazem can be live streamed on Sony Liv app. The match will also be broadcast on the Sony Sports Network.

Match Preview:

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All you need to know about the Al Nassr vs Al Hazem Saudi Pro League match being played at the King Saud University Stadium in Riyadh.

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