Al-Hilal vs Navbahor LIVE: Score Updates (1-1)

14 days ago


Al-Hilal came from behind to draw against Navbahor in the AFC Champions League.
Foto: Al Hilal


Al-Hilal vs Navbahor LIVE: Score Updates (1-1) - Figure 1


4:08 PM20 minutes ago

All square! Al-Hilal came from behind to draw against Navbahor in the AFC Champions League.

4:07 PM21 minutes ago

Mitrovic receives the cross, Ivanovic sends it out for a corner.

4:05 PM23 minutes ago

Malcom and Mitrovic fall in the area and ask for a penalty. The referee calls for it to be taken. The Brazilian has lost his boot.

4:03 PM25 minutes ago

AL-HILAL! Michael crosses, Al Bulayhi rises and deflects it into the net: 1-1.

4:03 PM25 minutes ago

Mitrovic receives the cross and shoots, but Yusupov pulls off a miracle and sends it out for a corner.

3:59 PM29 minutes ago

Boltaboev falls to the ground and receives assistance. Al-Hilal pressurize the game in extra time.

3:55 PM33 minutes ago

Michael crosses into the area and Milovich sends it out for a corner.

3:53 PM35 minutes ago

We'll have 14 minutes of extra time in the second half.

3:53 PM35 minutes ago

Yakhshiboev comes face-to-face with Alowais, plays the ball back to the goalkeeper, but the Al-Hilal keeper pulls off a miracle and saves.

3:51 PM37 minutes ago

Saud crosses, Neymar heads towards goal and Yusupov keeps the ball.

3:48 PM40 minutes ago

Al-Hilal press, but the Navbahor defense defends as best it can. Kanno gets in on the attack, but takes it too far and gets away with it.

3:46 PM42 minutes ago

After almost four minutes of stoppage time, the ball came back into play and the referee gave it to Yusupov.

3:43 PMan hour ago

Kanno clears and finishes, but Yusupov holds on. Three Navbahor players go down with cramps to save time.

3:42 PMan hour ago

Ruben Neves takes a shot from outside the box and Milovich cuts it back.

3:39 PMan hour ago

Hydration break. Jorge Jesus takes the opportunity to give instructions to the group.

3:32 PMan hour ago

Michael crosses back, Malcom cuts in and no one arrives.

3:29 PMan hour ago

Tabatadze receives the cross and heads it in for an easy save from Alowaise.

3:29 PMan hour ago

Al-Hilal have problems and can't get forward. Navbahor took advantage of the home side's nervousness and passed the ball around.

3:23 PMan hour ago

Neymar pushes the Navbahor player and kicks the ball at his opponent. He receives the yellow card.

3:18 PMan hour ago

Ruben Neves finishes first time from the corner and Yusupov sends it out for another corner.

3:15 PMan hour ago

FROM NAVBAHOR! Tabatadze gets forward and beats Alowais to open the scoring against Al-Hilal: 1-0.

3:13 PMan hour ago

Michael gets on the scoresheet, breaks into the box and rolls the ball forward. Al-Hilal can't score, but the Brazilian is bossing the game.

3:08 PMan hour ago

Ball rolling for the second half of Al-Hilal v Navbahor Namangan

2:51 PM2 hours ago

End of first half Al-Hilal 0-0 Navbahor Namangan

2:50 PM2 hours ago

Boltanoev kicks the ball at Michael and gets the corner.

2:48 PM2 hours ago

Michael crosses into the area, Saud gets free but finishes poorly. Mitrovic stumbles and falls in the area. He seems to be in a lot of pain.

2:47 PM2 hours ago

We'll have four minutes of added time.

2:45 PM2 hours ago

Game stopped. Mitrovic concedes a free-kick following a challenge on the Navbahor goalkeeper.

2:42 PM2 hours ago

Michael sets up a table, gets face-to-face with the goalkeeper and passes to Mitrovic. The striker doesn't understand and doesn't arrive. Almost Al-Hilal's first goal.

2:39 PM2 hours ago

Neymar is brought down on the right and fouled.

2:38 PM2 hours ago

From the corner, the ball went to Malcom, who finished poorly. The ball went to Neymar, who crossed low, but the defender cut it out. Another corner for Al-Hilal.

2:37 PM2 hours ago

Ismailov turns Michael's cross away for a corner

2:32 PM2 hours ago

Neymar takes the free-kick under the barrier, but it's easy for Yusupov

2:30 PM2 hours ago

Michael plays Neymar in and the No10 is fouled.

2:30 PM2 hours ago

Malcom gets in behind and crosses, but Ismailov cuts him off. 

2:28 PM2 hours ago

Mitrovic received the ball inside the area, shot across goal and won the corner. He asked for a penalty.

2:20 PM2 hours ago

Michael crosses from the right, Milovich cuts out for a corner.

2:19 PM2 hours ago

Neymar advances down the left, rolls into the area and the defender clears.

2:15 PM2 hours ago

Al Bulayhi comes down hard on Ismailov and commits the foul. Ball to Navbahor.

2:10 PM2 hours ago

From the corner, the ball went to Neymar, but the defense cleared it.

2:09 PM2 hours ago

Ruben Neves takes the corner, but Neymar is brought down by Yoldoshev. Play stopped before the ball is even in play.

2:06 PM2 hours ago

Al Sharahni gets the corner that Neymar will take

2:04 PM2 hours ago

The game gets off to a lively start, Navbahor takes a corner.

2:02 PM2 hours ago

Ball rolling for Al-Hilal-Navbahor Namangan

1:55 PM3 hours ago

Five minutes to go until Al-Hilal v Navbahor Namangan at the Prince Faisal bin Fahd Stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in the AFC Champions League.

1:38 PM3 hours ago

Yusupov, Yoldoshev, Igor Golban, Milos Milovic, Ivanovic, Ismailov, Iskanderov, Boltanoev, Runov, Sobirjonov, Toma Tabatadze

1:29 PM3 hours ago

Habib, Ahmad, Jahfali, Muteb, Khalifah, Alburayk, Nasser, Kanno, AlQahtani, Alhmadan, Shehri.

1:18 PM3 hours ago

Alowais, Saud, Altambakti, Al Bulayhi, Sharahni, Neves, Salman, Michael, Malcom, Neymar e Mitrovic.

1:13 PM3 hours ago

Al Hilal's line-up for their AFC Champions League opener: Neymar, Michael, Malcom, Neves and Mitrović are the five foreigners chosen by Jorge Jesus.

1:08 PM3 hours ago

One hour to go until the ball rolls for Al-Hilal vs Navbahor Namangan at the Prince Faisal bin Fahd Stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

12:58 PM4 hours ago

The match between Al-Hilal and Navbahor Namangan will kick off at 2 pm ET at the Prince Faisal bin Fahd Stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in the opening game of the AFC Champions League. The match will be broadcast on ESPN and the Star+ streaming platform. You can watch it all here on VAVEL Brasil.

12:48 PM4 hours ago

In terms of individual highlights, two players stand out: Malcom, the Brazilian striker, has already scored six goals this season, showing his ability when it comes to scoring. Salem Al Dawsari, another striker, has also contributed six goals, highlighting Al-Hilal's firepower in attack in 2023/2024.

12:18 PM4 hours ago

Hello, soccer lovers! It's now time for the AFC Champions League opener between two teams: Al-Hilal on one side. On the other is Navbahor Namangan. Follow all the action between the teams here, in real time on VAVEL Brasil.

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